Why I am in GNGC?
Top Reasons Why Students Choose a College:

Q. “Does the College has very good academic reputation?”

        A. Qualified faculty and academic board.

Q. “Will I be offered financial assistance?”

        A. Yes, see the offers.

Q. “What is the cost of attending this college?”

       A. GNGC is Cost effective College.

Q. Does the College has a good reputation for its social activities?

      A. Regular Seminars about student awareness by University, Professors.

Q. I wanted to live near home?.

      A. GNGC is in Patiala City.

Q Is there availability of Good Affordable hostel accommodation?

     A. Yes, Accommodation with three meals only in 3000pm.




18 July

Guest Lecture

 Special Talk

28 July

The education to women is known as female education.A nation can prosper only with the united efforts of men and women.

If both of them are educated,they can work hand in hand for the progress of the nation.If women are not educated,more than half of population is uneducated.

Hence the country can not progress with half of uneducated population.



Seminar courses are designed to enhance the success of first year students as they make the transition to college and college level work.  They are usually available only to new first year students, but occasionally they are also open to transfer students.   In recent years, as the result of many research studies, more and more colleges are focusing on the entire experience of first-year students.

Writing Skills at GNGC

The typical college student will be required to write a variety of essays throughout his/her collegiate career.  These essay assignments will cover a variety of goals and purposes.

Most of the time, a student will be required to work on an essay assignment as homework.   Some of these assignments can be written using only personal experiences or previously gained knowledge, while other essays will require additional research and the use of outside sources.  

We Care your Girl Child


Hope-A way to Confidence. 

Dr. Jaspreet Kaur, Member Board of Directors & Dr. Harpreet Kaur Principal

Performing Arts


GNGC  is committed to producing and presenting performances by students and by local, regional and national artists to bring quality and educational art to the student body and the community.

 Under the supervision of faculty and staff, our students get practical experience in all aspects of this artistic process. 

The audience, are an important part of our student’s learning and engage in a true partnership with our teachers, staff, students and the community.